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How it all started ... 

We started our journey with 5 allotment chickens, one for each of us.  We only wanted hens but 3 of them turned out to be cockerels!  We managed to find new homes for the cockerels and went on a hunt shortly after for 3 more hens.  We ended up with an amber ranger, a cream legbar and a black rock. 


Watching hens do their thing is sooo relaxing!  


About a year later, I spotted the pekin on the internet.  What a beautiful bantam chicken!  They have a lovely rounded shape with gorgeous bustle and soft, smooth feathers, only needing an apron on to complete the picture!  They have a lovely friendly personality, are great garden companions and have pretty feathered feet to boot.

Needless to say, we now have a few pekins as well and 3 more hybrids.  Oh, yes!  Mustn't forget the black silkie and Japanese bantam!

 Best wishes

Margaret, Barrie & family

Normanton, Near Wakefield, West Yorkshire


 Hens are so entertaining! 

  • They are inquisitive and like to be where the action is! 
  • We live near Wakefield, West Yorkshire and feel our lives have been enriched by these funny feathered creatures.    

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Honeysuckle Hens

Our lavender pekins -  Manuel and his 3 ladies - Florence, Lavinia and Matilda.


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